How We Do It

oursfguy image 2Agile


For most of our clients the Agile Methodology works best.  This method is best suited for any software project management because it allows for the most flexibility in that most requirements cannot be fully defined until previous coding or configuration is complete and tested.



Outlined below is how OSA typically engages a customer who is on subscription. For the most part the structure is the same for project based work as well. 





STep 1


Once you have the idea that maybe OSA can help you, it will be time to schedule the proverbial Free No Obligation phone consultation. This is where we will chat a bit about issues you may have both in SFDC and general business process. We will learn about your ideas on the perfect set up.

STep 2


Usually, after we talk around some of your top level objectives, we will together discover specific items beginning to emerge. These become your wish list. This is the list of items, issues or problems you want to address throughout our engagement. We usually call it your “Top Five” or “Top Ten” List. This becomes a great jumping off point for the next step.

STep 3


Let us start by saying there is no minimum contract. Our belief is that OSA is a part of your extended team, and we need to continually earn the right to have you as a client. The General Service Agreement covers your basic contractor touch-points. It details the terms of our agreement like subscription amounts, the number of hours assigned to you and start date. It even has some NDA info to protect your data. Many clients have additional Non-disclosures coming from their side too. The document is sent to you via email from EchoSign for your electronic signature.

STep 4


Once the agreement is signed, an invoice is generated and emailed to you for the subscription amount. Simultaneously, you will receive an email inviting you to sign up for a login to our project management solution so you can see the progress on your requirements.

Step 5. Credentials


Now we are all set. OSA will need a system administrator login to get to work. You will receive an email requesting your credentials. Once you respond and we login for the first time, you may receive an email or TXT from Salesforce with an Activation code. For security reasons, this code is used to validate a new machine. This code expires within twelve hours. When you get it, forward the activation code as soon as you can. Occasionally, you may receive another request during the course of our engagement. If you do, just forward it to us as well.

Step 6


Now we are all set for a Deep Dive into your data and current process. This is usually done via our GoToMeeting tool. This is where we will review your wish list and then begin to design our solution.

Step 7


Once designed, we will have an initial Scope of Work (“SOW”) to work from so we can measure progress. Sometimes our engagement is truly just admin work. In that case, you will generally send us a service request. This will cover anything not originally in the SOW and may even be small day-to-day activities.